Textile Industry is the oldest industry of the Country and of Rajasthan also. Presently, it is the Back Bone of the State's Economy and is also the largest employer in the organized and unorganized sector after agriculture.

Prior to Independence, there were 10 textile mills functioning in Rajasthan. In erstwhile Mewar State, the first textile mill, The Mewar Textile Mills Ltd., was established at Bhilwara in 1935. The Mewar State also established a Ginning Mill at Bhilwara. In 1961, Shri Laxmi Niwas Jhunjhunwala, Founder of Bhilwara Group established another Spinning Mill here. LNJ Group, now more than 4500 crores diversified interest group, celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2011. This gave a new thrust and momentum to the Industrial Development of the District which ultimately had put Bhilwara's name on the World's Map. Today it is one of the most important textile centers of the Country and in PV suiting it is the largest producing center in the Country.

Bhilwara has developed as one of the largest Polyster/viscose blended yarn producing centre of the country. Presently there are 18 Spinning Mills in large sector and 5 open end Spinning Units producing approx. 2.80 lacs tonnes of PV and Cotton Yarn p.a. Bhilwara District alone contributes to about 44% of the State's Yarn Production capacity. After abolition of MFA in 2005 the spinning units under took large scale expansion. In 2005, there were about 2.68 lacs, which have increased to 9.65 lacs spindles in 2017. The spinning sector also has about 21172 rotors. The mill sector has about 1552 looms & 58 knitting machines. The exports from Mill sector is about Rs.2500 crores per annum (2016-17).

The de centralized sector, a few power loom units were also established in early 60's and about 200 second hand British looms were working here. A sizing plant was also established to cater their requirements. During 60's three waste cotton yarn plants producing coarse counts cotton yarn were also working. In 60's and 70's a large number of Cotton Niwar manufacturing units were also established which overtook the other important Niwar manufacturing centers like Hathras, Panipat and Mathura.

Again, the Bhilwara Group, took a lead to start Weaving of PV suiting in 70's with establishment of 24 Cimmco looms unit. In 1978 three more units were established in RIICO area. In 80's, it was necessary to obtain Industrial License from Govt. of India to establish looms unit. During this phase 5-6 units came in cooperative sector and 7-8 units in other sectors. In 1988, the requirement of Industrial License was withdrawn which gave a boost to the Industrial Development and about 70-80 weaving units were established from 1988 to 1991. Presently, here in Bhilwara there are 460 weaving units having about 17,000 modern technology looms. These units are producing about 75-80 Crore meters of PV suiting p.a.

In Processing sector also, the Bhilwara Group initiated the development with the establishment of first process house, Bhilwara Processors Ltd., in 1973-74. Presently there are 19 Process House having Modern Processing Technology and in house effluent treatment plants, with capacity to process about 70 crore meters of PV suiting p.a.

  • In Spinning, out of 42 mills in the State 18 mills in Bhilwara District.
  • Producing 3.20 lacs tonne yarn, which is 45% of State's Yarn Production.
  • Total spindlage 11.00 lacs.
  • Exporting 75% of State's Yarn Export.
  • Out of 17,000 (approx.) Looms working at Bhilwara 15000 looms are modern technology shuttle less loom.
  • The rate of modernization of looms at Bhilwara is 95% as compared to the average of the Country 8%.
  • 19 modern technology process houses with capacity 90 crore meters p.a.
  • Total turnover of textile trade 25000 crore.
  • Total Export of (Yarn & Fabrics) 3800 Crore.
  • Direct employment in textile industry approx. 85000 people and indirect employment approx. 60000 people.
Ginning Industry

M/s Somila Tex Fab India P.Ltd; 16 Km Kota Road, Chavandiya Kotari, Bhilwara-311001

M/s Manjeet Fibre P.Ltd; Aaraji no 792/2, Bhilwara-Kota Road, Sawaipur, Bhilwara-311603

M/s Shree Shyam Agro Corp., E-492, Hamirgarh,Growth Centre, Bhilwara-311301

M/s Shree Nath Cotton Co., Indsustrial Area, Gangapur,Bhilwara-311801

M/s Keshariya Processors, Vill.Potla, Sahara, Bhilwara

M/s Vaibhav Industries, Bhilwara Road, Inside Mandi,Bhilwara-311301

M/s Paras Cotton Co., Bhilwara Road, Chungi Uaka ke pass, Asind, Bhilwara-311301

M/s R.V.Spinners P.Ltd; Shahpura Choraha, Mandal, Bhilwara-311403

M/s Surana G & P Factory, Sahara to Amet Road, Sahara, Distt. Bhilwara-311806

M/s Sri Ram Balabux, Kasera Bazar, Gangapur, Bhilwara-311801

M/s Surana Cotton Co. Inside Surana G&P, Sahara to Amet Road, Sahara, Distt. Bhilwara-311806

M/s Satyam Industries, Bhilwara Road, Near PWD Choraha, Asind, Bhilwara-311301

M/s Davnarayan Ginning Factory, Bhilwara Road, Chungi Naka, Asind, Bhilwara-311301

M/s Gautam Cottpon Co. Bhilwara Road, Chungi Naka, Asind, Bhilwara-311301

Total 14 units

After abolition of Multi Fibre Agreement (MFA) in 2005 the Spinning Industry in Bhilwara under took large expansion and installed 8,31,896 new spindles (2005-2018), which is about 75% of capacity addition in spinning, in Rajasthan during this period.

Year No of Installed Spindles in Rajasthan No of Installed Spindles in Bhilwara District
2005 9,79,197 2,68,456
2018 22,31,408 11,00,352
  12,52,211 8,31,896
   Spinning-Large Scale
Unit Installed Capacity
  Spindles Rotors Looms Knitting Machines
BSL Ltd. 28016 400 178 -
Nitin Spinners Ltd. 223056 2936 - 63
  49152   -   -   -
            Khrigram 167792 - - -
            Kanya Kheri 25920 - - -
Sangam India Ltd. 238608 3128 526 22
Suzuki Textiles Ltd.
  -   6200   -   -
16692 (13 Frame 64 position) - - -
Kanchan India Ltd   201000 6820 NA -
Baba Spinners 26000 - - -
Shivam Syncotex P Ltd 10368 - - -
Star Cotspun Ltd 25344 - - -
SRM Spinners Ltd 18144 - - -
Sudiva Spinners P Ltd 72336 2208 - -
Modern Woollens 14616 - - -
Total   1100352 21692 704 85
Spinning-Open End
Name No of Rotors
Shipra Spinners Pvt Ltd 960
R.V.Spinners Pvt Ltd 1100
Bhartiya Spinners Ltd, Gangapur 880
Lagnam Spintex Pvt Ltd, Bhilwara 1920
Total Rotors 4860

Note:- In Rajasthan approx 37648 Rotors are installed in Spinning units out of which 31352 are in our Region-Bhilwara & Banswara District, 83.27% of the State capacity.

Significant technology up gradation in Spinning Sector in Bhilwara
  • Spinning Industry has latest technology spinning machines mainly of Lakshmi Machine Works.
  • Imported spinning machinery from Rieter-Switzerland, Trutzschler-Germany, Loptex-Italy, Schlafhrost-Germany, Savio-Italy, Luwa-Switzerland.
  • Only Centre in Rajasthan having- Airjet Spinning Technology.
  • Only Centre in Rajasthan producing- Silk Yarn.

Bhilwara is the main centre of processing of P/V blended suiting & shirting in Rajasthan. Apart from Bhilwara having 19 process houses, Banswara has two process houses, Alwar 1 and Balotra 5 process houses for processing of P/V suiting-shirting.

The Process Houses in Bhilwara have also modernized considerably. They have K.D. Machine, Super Funish Machine, Rotary, Weight Reducing, Zero Zero Machine. Also each process house has it own updated ETP Plant with RO and MEE in many units.

The Process House in Bhilwara are equipped with latest technology imported- Rotomat, Osthoff singing machine, Sellers shearing machine, MTech Superfinish machine, TMT2000 Decatising, Hydraulic beam dyeing machines.

S.No Name of Process House
1 A.K.Spintex Ltd
2 Anant Syntex Ltd
3 BSL Ltd (Process Division)
4 BTM Industries Ltd
5 Chairman Processors Ltd
6 Janki Corp Ltd
7 Kanchan India Ltd (Process Division)
8 Pooja Spintex Pvt Ltd
9 Ranjan Processors
10 Rolex Processors Pvt Ltd
11 Ronak Processors Pvt Ltd
12 Sangam India Ltd (Process Division)
13 Sarvodaya India Ltd
14 Sona Processors (I) P Ltd (Unit-II)
15 Sona Processors (I) P Ltd
16 Sulzer Processors Pvt Ltd
17 Suzuki Textiles Ltd
18 Swastika Suitings Ltd
19 T P L Industries Ltd

Processing Capacity 80-85 crore meters p.a. depending product mix, which is about 85% of the State's capacity.

Apart from Bhilwara, there are following process houses in Rajasthan

S.No Name of Process House No. of Stenter No of Chamber Approx Capacity (lacs Mts/Month
1 RSWM Ltd, Mordi, Banswara 3 14 18
2 Banswara Syntex Ltd, Banswara 7 35 45
3 R.K.Silk Mills, Alwar 2 10 5
4 Minaxi Industries, Balotra 2 - 10
5 Master Synthetics Mills, Balotra 1 - 7
6 Sarveshvar Udyog, Balotra 2 - 15
7 Parag Industries, Balotra 2 - 9
8 Heena Felth, Balotra 2 - 9
    21 - 118

Out of about 22,000 powerlooms in Rajasthan State, about 17,000 powerlooms are in Bhilwara, which constitutes 77% of state capacity. There are more than 440 weaving units in the cluster.

The powerloom industry in Bhilwara wholly modernized- out of the total  looms –

10300 Sulzer imported shuttleless looms
1025 Dornier & Rapier imported shuttleless looms
 325 Picanol imported looms
3200 Airjet imported looms
48 Waterjet imported looms
400 Ruti "C" looms of Lakshmi Machine Works
800 Ruti "B" looms
80 Cimco looms
  • These looms are fitted with latest name writers and other accessories.
  • Bhilwara produces about 85-90 crore meters of Worsted Spun Polyester /Wool, Polyester/Viscose, Polyester/Modal, Polyester/Viscose/Lycra, Polyester /Viscose/Cotton, Polyester/Wool, Polyester/Wool/Lycra, Silk Fabrics and Upholstery Fabrics p.a. valued at Rs. 9000 crore p.a., which is about 45% of total country's production of P/V Suitings.
  • It produces good quality Suitings with many established Brand names like BSL, Mayur, BD Suiting, Sangam etc.
  • The Suitings produced at Bhilwara is well accepted in export markets and about 7-8 crore meters of fabrics worth about Rs 550 crore is being exported annually.
  • As it has become, a major centre of textiles in the Country, large numbers of Traders have also established business here. Many of them getting there requirements produced on job basis, may also divert into manufacturing activities by installing own looms.

Some units have started Denim Fabrics production also. Sangam India is producing 6.50 crore meters Denim p.a. RSWM Ltd producing 2.50 crore meters, Kanchan India Limited is producing about 12.00 crore meters & Manomay Tex India, Super Gold, Banswara Syntex Ltd is also producing Denim fabrics.


Sangam India Ltd is producing Flock, Thermal curtain, Velore fabrics & Upholstery Fabrics at its Atun unit with capacity of about 40 lacs meters p.a.


Sangam India Ltd is producing seamless Garments, with capacity 36 lacs pieces per annum.


Town of Export Excellence

On the initiative and continuous efforts by Mewar Chamber of Commerce & Industry since 2006, the Minister of Commerce, Shri Kamal Nath declared Bhilwara the "Town of Export Excellence" and related Gazette was issued on 26th February 2009.

With this declaration common service providers in Bhilwara will be entitled benefits of EPCG Scheme. Funds under Market Access Initative Scheme will be made available by Central Government for creating focused Technological Services.

Assitance for overcoming critical infrastructure gaps will be made availble under Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and other Allied Activities (ASIDE).