Investment Possibilities


Investment Possiblities

At the time of independence, Mewar region was far lagging in industrial development as the initial development in Rajasthan was centered around Ajmer, jaipur and Kota but with the zeal and entrepreneurship of the people of this region, it has emerged as the most vibrant and fastest developing industrial and mining region of the State.

The development in region started with Mica Mining activities in 1936 establishment of first textile mill-Mewar Textile Mill Bhilwara in 1938, Shri Bijay Cotton Mills Bijay Nagar in-1941, Udaipur Cotton Mills, Udaipur in-1961, Rajasthan Spg. & Wvg. Mills Bhilwara in 1962 and since then, it has become a major center of textile, cement and minging.

The region offers vast investment opportunities in following fields-

1). Agro Based Industries:

The position of cropped area and irrigated area of these districts is given in the following table.

Area Bhilwara Chittorgarh Rajsamand Udaipur Dungarpur Banswara
Gross Cropped Area 
441.06 598.3 110.4 299.0 153.4 328.4
Gross Irrigated Area
32.5% 30.8% 25.4% 17.2% 15.7% 24.6%
Area Under Food Grains
297.6 322.0 87.00 263.4 148.5 305.0
Wheat Production
148.7 244.7 17.3 72.8 32.1 111.8
Groundnut Production
14.5 47.2 4.8 4.9 - -
Rape/Mustard Production
22.2 29.5 1.9 7.2 - -
Kharif Production
83.6 217.6 48.7 260.4 103.1 248.8

Though the area doesn't have major irrigation facilities, still it is a major producer of Wheat, Maize, Gawar, Gram, Rape/Mustard Seed, Zeera, Opium, Tomato etc. and offers following opportunities in Agro Based Industries.
1) Floor/Maida Mill
2) Daal Mill
3) Oil Extraction Plants
4) Solvent Extraction Plant
5) Hydrogenated Oil
6) Starch Plants
7) Zeera Cutting Plants
8) Food Processing and Packing Plants

2). Dairy Based:

In the State, Bhilwara district stands second in Milk Procurement and wide network of co-operative dairies.
The average milk production of the District if of more than 3 lacs litres per day out of which about 2.5 lacs is procured by Bhilwara Dairy.With such a large surplus of Milk, it offers potentials of Milk based Industries like skimmed Milk Powder, Table Butter, Dairy Ghee, Butter Milk and other like products. With large cattle population, it also offer potentials in Cattle Feed industry.

3). Mineral Based

The area is rich in minerals and many type of minerals like China Clay, Soft Stone, Sand Stone, Zinc, Lead, Rock Phosphate, Mica, Feldspar, Quartz, Marble, Granite, Green Marble, Asbestos are found in abundance and are being mined in the area. The area enjoys virtual monopoly in several minerals like Sand Stone, Green Marble, Soft Stone and is very rich in Marble, Zinc, Rock Phosphate and China Clay.

It offers opportunities of investment in Mineral Based Industries-
1) Mineral Grinding Plants
2) Mineral Washing Plants
3) Mineral Concentrate Plants
4) Marble Cutting and Polishing
5) Fertilizers
6) Pesticides Formulations Based on Soft Stone
7) Zinc and Lead end use Plants
8) Sand Stone Bricks Cutting.
9) Bricks-Kilns
10) Sodium Silicate

4). Cement

It is the major cement producing area of the State having six large cement plants. With abundance of raw material for cement it still offers further opportunities for large cement plants.
With ample and cheap (due to low transportation cost), there is scope for cement based industries like-
1) RCC Poles
2) RCC Pipes
3) RCC Pressure Pipes
4) Asbestos Roof Sheets
5) Railway Sleepers

5). Marble/Granite

A very rich area in Marble and Granite and there are large number of units in Chittorgrah, Rajsamand, Udaipur and Banswara engaged in Marble Cutting, Polishing, Tiles Manufacturing and are also exporting sizeable quantities and many are 100% EOU units, still there are much potentials in these lines in-
1) Gang-Saw Units
1) Marble Polishing
1) Tiles Manufacturing
1) 100% EOU Units in above lines

6). Textile

With 18 textile spinning Mills having approx. 11.00 lacs spindles, more then 460 textile weaving units having approx. 17000 looms, 19 textile process houses, this area is recognized as one of the major center of textiles in the country. It produces approx. 3.20 lacs ton of P/V and cotton yarn, 90 crore Mtrs. of P/V suitings annually with substantial exports. Being a major center of textiles, it offers opportunities of investment-
1) P/V Spinning
2) Cotton Spinning
3) P/V Suiting Weaving
4) Cotton Suiting Weaving
5) P/V Shirting Weaving
6) Textile Processing
7) 100% EOU in above
8) Readymade Garments
9) Garments Ancillary units
10) Yarn Doubling
11) Fancy Yarn Manufacturing
12) Texturized Yarn
13) Packing Material units for textiles
14) Waste Material Recycling Units
15) Spare Parts Manufacturing
16) Technical Textiles.

7). Fertilizers

Rock Phosphate, a mineral rich in phosphoric contents is available in bulk in this region and is being mined and there are large number of units in the area manufacturing fertilizers like DAP based on rock phosphate.
As the bye products of zinc smelter plants, at Udaipur and Chittorgrah, sulphuric acid hydrocholoric acid is also available in bulk and there are good potentials for medium scale fertilizers units based on rock phosphate, sulphuric acid and hydrocholoric acid.

8). Chemicals

Many type of minerals like China Clay, Soft Stone, Zinc, Lead, Rock Phosphate, Feldspar, Quartz, are found in abundance and are being mined in the area. There are two large zinc smelter plants at Chittorgrah and local and many type of chemicals and acids are produced by them as the bye products, many type of chemical industries can be setup based on these.
Being a big textile center, there are 15 PV spinning units which have dye houses for dyeing polyester fiber for use in spinning. Also there are 22 process houses in the region processing approx. 4 crore mtrs. of fabrics per month. These dye & process houses use variety of chemicals and dyes in bulk and as end users are here, chemicals and dyes manufacturing plants can be setup in this region.

9). Tourist Based

Chittorgrah, Udaipur, Haldighati, Kumbalgarh, Nathwara, Rajsamand, Eklingji, Ranakpur, attract large International/National tourist flow and is considered a good tourist circuit.
There are already a large number of starred hotels at Udaipur and there are further good investment possibilities in tourist based area like tour operators, hotels, village craft marketing, food outlets and chains, Forest Saffari etc.

10). Hospitals

Hospitals are being accorded industry's status and RFC and RIICO are providing loans for setting up hospitals in private sectors in Bhilwara during last few years many good hospitals with speciality services have come up. Ramsnehi Hospital is known for very good orthopedic services and CAT scans. Sangam Group of Industries is also putting up a large speciality hospital and Anhisa Hospital offers Eye speciality services. In Udaipur also there are several well-known speciality hospitals.

There are good scope of investments in this line also.

11). Education Based

12). Bio-Technology Based

13). Information Technology Based

14). Infrastructure Based:

The Govt. of Rajasthan has allowed private sector to develop Industrial areas, Private Airlines, Complexes/ Shopping Plaza / Multiplexes, Small and Medium Power Plants

15). Insulation Bricks Based

Bhilwara is also a known center for insulation bricks using mica waste as raw material and there are about 35 units in the District manufacturing insulation bricks which are supplied to large steel plants, thermal power plants and other similar industries through out the country.
With good availability of raw material and trained labour in this field also further investment possibilities for setting up modernized plants, exists.

16). Small Scale / Tiny Sector Based