Soap Stone


Soap Stone

Rajasthan is the major producer of soap stone in the Country. During 2017-18 production in the State was 15.31 lacs ton, out of which 14.83 lacs ton (97%) was produced in our Region).

Since 1930, Bhilwara has been the major centre of soap stone production. Golecha group started mining activities in 1930-40 period at Ghaveria and other places in the District. These mines are still in operation. The soap stone of Ghaveria mines is consider to be of best quality in India.

The Production of soap stone in our Region: -

District No of Lease Production (Ton)
Rajasmand 12 1,02, 853
Udaipur 72 1,91,155
Bhilwara 29 7,15,438
Dungarpur 27 3,10,010
Pratapgarh 24 1,64,190