Mr. Dinesh Chanda


  Mr. Dinesh Chanda, a well known expert of Cement Industry was the President of Birla Cement Works and Chittor Cement Works, Chittorgarh. He was the President of Mewar Chamber of Commerce & Industry during 2002-2004. Born on 26.10.1936, Mr. Dinesh Chanda took his B.E. Degree from the University of Roorkee in 1958 and was awarded Gold Medal. He is a member of the Institute of Engineers since 1973 and also a Member of the Indian Institute of Welding since 1976. He is also a Chartered Engineer. He has extensive professional experience in hydel and thermal power plant design, operation and maintenance. He also received training for production of large capacity of thermal and hydro power plants in USSR and Germany. He had worked for 23 years for BHEL and for 8-1/2 years for HEC, Ranchi, out of which for 6-1/2 years he was Director (Production). Mr. Dinesh Chanda had been Vice President of Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Employers Association of Rajasthan.