With 15.51% production of the country, Rajasthan holds the first postion in cement production in the country. During 2002-03, the cement production in the State was 172.80 Lacs Ton. The most important factor was 99-100% capacity utilization by the plants of the State. The Production of various cement plants of our region during last two years is the given in the following table.

Name of the Company Place Production
(in ,000 tons)
(in ,000 tons)
Birla Corporation Ltd. Chittorgarh (2 Plants) 1832.62 2022.62
Aditya Cement Shambhupura (Chittor) 1432.28 1560.08
J. K. Synthetics Chittorgarh 96.26 606.73
J. K. Cement Works Nimbahera 2204.69 2323.30
J. K. Udaipur Udaipur 711.86 ----

Our Member units-Birla, Aditya & J.K. Cement produced 34.27% of the State' s production during 2002-03.

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