ASIND: This town is the headquarter of a Tehsil and PANCHAYAT SAMITI of the same name. The town is known for some Temples situated on the left bank of the KHARI, built by SAWAI BHOJ, the eldest son of BAGH RAO, who is said to have been a descendant of PRITHVI RAJ CHOUHAN, The last hindu king of DELHI. During the princely rule, it was an estate comprising seventy two villages, held by oe of the first class nobles of the MEWAR STATE , who had the title of RAWAT and belonged to the CHUNDAWAT sept of the SISODIA RAJPUTS . Aboout 18 the North-West of the town , is situated the fort of BADNOR on the ASIND-BEAWAR road.

GANGAPUR:  Headquarter of the SAHARA tehsil, this town is situated at a distance of about 46 Kms. in the South-West of the district headquarters .It was part of the erstwhile princely state of GWALIOR (now in M.P.) prior to independence. It is municipal town.

BENERA: BENERA is 25kms. from BHAILWARA on the BHILWARA DEOLI road. There is a fortress and the palace of the ex-jagirdars of BENERA. During the princely rule, this was the chif town of an estate of the same name. BENERA  formed part of MEWAR from very ancient times. AKBAR took it about 1567, and it is described in the ANI-I-AKBARI as one of the twenty six MAHALS of the SARKAR of CHITTOR in SUBA of AJMER.

MANDAL: The town is a panchayat samiti and tehsil headquarters, situated At a distance of 13Kms. from BHILWARA .About four Kms. from the place is MEZA village where an irrigation dam has been constructed on the river KOTHARI. A picturesque lake at the dam site with boating facilities is a place of turist attraction. MEZA has also a small fort said to have been constructed by the PURAWAT SISODIAS .BAGOR village ,about 30 Kms. North opf MANDEL ,is a place of historical importance. Excavations have been undertaken here. MANDAL is also known for an old temple of 'NIL KANTH MAHADEV'.

BIJOLIYA: The town situated to the South-East of BHILWARA town close to the borders of the BUNDI ditrict.The ancient name of BIJOLIYA was 'VINDHYAVALI' .It is walled with two gates (North and South) and picturesquely situated on a plateau called the UPARMAL.Among objects of antiquarian interests, three SAIVITE temples ,probably of the tenth centuary; A reservoir called the MANDAKINI BAORI. with steps,five jain temples dedicated to PARASWNATH ,the remains of a palace and two rock inscriptions deserve mention. The jain temple, situated about a kilometer and half of the south east where built by MAHAJAN LALA in the time of the CHAUHAN RAJA SOMESHWAR of AJMER in 1170,and one of them is considered specially scared as containing a complete small model of a temple inside it. The rock inscriptions are both dated 1170.

MANDALGARH : The place ,situated at a distance of 54 Kms. towards South-East of BHILWARA ,it is headquarters of sub-division,tehsil and panchayat samiti of same name.The place is of historical importance because it was the scene of many a fierce battle during the mediaeval times,according to the muslim historians.

The place was taken twice by MAHMUD KHILJI of MALWA in the middle of the fifteenth century , and subsequently appears to have belonged alternately to the RANAS of MEWAR and the MUHAMMEDAN EMPERORS. In or about 1650 A.D. SHAH JAHAN granted it in JAGIR to RAJA RUP SINGH of KISHANGARH , who partially built a palace here , but RANA RAJ SINGH retook it in 1660.A.D. . Twenty years later AURANGZEB captured the palace here. and in 1700 A.D. made it over to JHUJAR SINGH chief of PISANGAN(now in AJMER district ) from whom it was recovered by RANA AMAR SINGH in 1706A.D.,and it since then remained in the uninterruped possession of his successors.

To the North-West is a fort about half a mile in length with a low rampart wall and bastions encircling the crest of the hill on which it stands .The fort is said to havae been constructed by a chief of the BALNOTE CLAN of Rajputs ( a branch of solankis). There is an old temple JALESHWAR by name (1619 v.s.) The fort also houses a temple dedicated to SHIVA.

SHAHPURA: Capital of the erstwhile state of SHAHPURA, the  town houses the headquarter of the sub division, Tehsil, Panchayat Samiti of the same name. It is about 58 Kms. from District headquarters. The rulers of the erstwhile chiefship of SHAHPURA belonged to the SISODIA Clan of RAJPUTS. Shahpura is a place of pilgrimage for the followers of the ' RAM SANEHIS' Sect. Founded by the hindus in  1804. They have a shrine in the town as 'RAM DWARA'. The chief priest of RAM DWARA is the head of the sect. Pilgrims from all over the world visit the shrine through out the year . Ram Snehi is an International Hindu sect. An annual fair, which is called 'PHOOL DOL KA MELA' is held here on PHALGUN SHUKLA '15 ( March-April) for five days. About one lac people attend the fair. It is also famous for PHAD paintings.

PUR:  Is situated at about 10 Km. from Bhilwara city. It is famous for it Udan Chatri, Adhar Shila, and Patola Mahadeo. The Bhilwara Municpal corporation is developing a tourist place at Gata Rani Mandir.


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